Peace Collective sells “welcome to canada” caps

A Canadian clothing company “Peace Collective” has taken a new initiative. As per it, the “make America great again” cap is being unthreaded and the message written on it is changed to “welcome to Canada”. So, the toque bearing the letters “welcome to Canada” is getting sold on Amazon. The “make America great again” cap […]

Manitoba issues invitations for MPNP

Canada PR visa is easier to obtain if you opt for PNPs too. One of such PNPs is the Manitoba provincial nominee program(MPNP) which recently issued letters of invite(letters of advice to apply). After getting the invite, candidates can easily get the PR of Manitoba. Manitoba has issued invitations as per its MPNP scheme. In […]

How to get a PR visa Canada with us supporting you?

Have you ever wanted to be in Canada? This is possible through a Canada PR visa. This PR visa judges an applicant for his education, experience and even his English. Every fortnight or so, candidates who apply for the Express Entry are selected through a draw. There are many ways in which you can aply […]

Global talent stream of Canada made permanent, easier to get a work permit

Canada is one of the most exciting countries for someone to immigrate. It’s true that Canada is also upgrading its Canada PR visa programs from time to time. Now, the latest news is that it has introduced changes in its Global Talent Stream. As per this stream, once you have a job offer in this […]