Canada PR visa is easier to obtain if you opt for PNPs too. One of such PNPs is the Manitoba provincial nominee program(MPNP) which recently issued letters of invite(letters of advice to apply). After getting the invite, candidates can easily get the PR of Manitoba. Manitoba has issued invitations as per its MPNP scheme. In the new draw which took place on March 28th, 595 candidates were chosen with the different PNP steams of skilled worker overseas, International education and the skilled worker in Manitoba. It is a favorable pattern because it implies that the total invitations generated through MPNP this year have gone up to 3,199 now. To apply for the skilled worker overseas, skilled workers in Manitoba and the international Education stream, one has to create an online profile on the Manitoba website.

So, these candidates were issued Letters of Advice to apply( LAA)which implies that they have to apply to MPNP which is the next step for them right now. Each of these MPNP streams operates in a different way.

Skilled workers in Manitoba

Skilled worker overseas

It is important that the candidates must have a family relative residing in this province. This must be a close family relative of either the applicant or the spouse. This can be a relative like a sibling, first cousin, parents, grandparents, etc. When Manitoba support is there, documents showing the relationship have to be provided.

International graduate stream

There are three pathways as per this stream. These 3 pathways are:

Graduate internship pathway

This program is available to those who have pursued post-secondary education from Manitoba. By post-secondary education, we imply that this education should be either a  master’s or a doctor’s degree. Apart from this kind of degree, the candidates must also have a score of CLB 7.

The requirement of a current internship in a Manitoba company is also mandatory. However, some special preference is given to graduates who have done their internship from MITACS in this province. They don’t need to have a job offer at the time of applying for this pathway when the internship has been done from this organization.

Otherwise, the applicants must be having a job offer in the province. This is needed so that the candidate does not become dependent for funds on the government of Manitoba.

Manitoba career employment pathway

There are other two categories of Manitoba international student pathway which are, career employment pathway and international student entrepreneur pilot. Career pathway requires someone to have done a 1-year course from this province. He must also have a job offer in this province, but here the catch is that the job offer must include the 1-year contract in one of the occupations that are In demand in this country.

Manitoba international student entrepreneur pilot

This implies that the candidate must have pursued education from Manitoba and also supply a business plan in order to get selected. They must also be running a business for 6 months in Manitoba prior to getting selected for an LAA. The candidates apart from the operating business must also submit a business plan. Only 20 international students interested in being entrepreneurs in this province are selected as per this program.

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